Yes, it is me. Welcome to my little corner on the internet where I do stuff and have all the fun while doing so. I am a furry artist and musician. I dabble in vocal synthesizers and gaming as well! I occasionally stream games and/or vocal synth work on either Twitch or YouTube as a VTuber.

My VTuber avatar is also one of my fursonas and UTAU characters named Peiton. I have other characters like Bukimi, Leigh, and other fursonas/characters, but none are as prominent in my content as Peiton.

To all of my supporters, I really appreciate all of you. Thank you for enjoying the content I create; I honestly wouldn't be able to exist without you guys.

This main page is basically dedicated to all of the old websites on the internet. Tacky design is literally my favorite thing. It's all in a place of love and irony.