Peiton is a youthful, masculine virtual artist capable of singing many different genres in an expansive range. Each voicebank is crafted with care and ideas designed to be fun and intuitive to use.

Age/年齢: 27

Gender/性別: ♂

Height/身長: 195 cm (6'5")

Weight/体重: 99 kg (220 lbs)

Initial Release: 23 October 2013

UTAU Voicebanks

GOOD VIBES【いい感じ】(12.31.18)
→main voice, CVVC English (custom)
→Pitches: F2, C3, F3, C4, F4, C5 (head-voice), 
→Encoding: x-sampa (simplified)
→Recommended Resampler(s): fresamp, moresampler, TIPS
→Download: Drive 
(Most recent update as of 7.15.19!)

BUBBLE TEA【バブルティー】(7.22.19)
→main/soft voice, CVVC日本語(デルタ)
→Pitches: G2, D3, G3, G3囁, D4, G4, G4囁
→Encoding: kana
→Recommended Resampler(s): fresamp, tn_fnds, *presamp
→Download: Bowlroll | Drive


→v-kei voice, VCV + CVVC日本語

→Pitches: A2, D3, G3, C4, F4

→Encoding: kana

→Recommended Resampler(s): fresamp, moresampler, TIPS

→Download: Drive (Early Beta)

artwork by: melody (@catticoon)

Bukimi was originally intended to be some sort of weird, distorted, shouty voice that was in no way to be taken seriously, but over time, they slowly became much more than that. 

Age/年齢: Over 18

Gender/性別: --

Height/身長: 122 cm (4'0")

Weight/体重: 23 kg (~51 lbs)

Initial Release: 29 February 2016


ENGLISH 2.0 (8.11.19)
→Main voice, CVVC English (custom)
→Pitches: D4
→Encoding: x-sampa (simplified)
→Recommended Resampler(s): moresampler, tips, tn_fnds
→Download: Drive

Legacy Voicebanks

This voicebank uses a custom reclist optimized for Bukimi's voice. They speak with a distorted accent.

This Japanese voicebank is considerably lower quality than the English voicebank, however the eerie twang and distorted pronunciation are something I've fallen in love with.


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